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This page will tell you all about our extended family.


When Linda and I got married we both gained children. Linda gained a son Christopher, Grandson Samuel, and granddaughter Evie (Evangeline).

One could say that I came off worse as I gained 4 Daughters, Angelique, Natasha, Vanessa and Rebecca (Beca), two grand daughters Shannon and Lyla and a grandson William. Since then our family has grown even bigger as Charlie has joined William, and Evie now has two daughters Amelia and Arebella and a son Dexter John. We have had Three weddings in that Vanessa married Tony, Evie married Darius and Chris got married to Barbara.



About us.

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Evies wedding

General Photo's

Honeymoon in Cornwall



Norfolk holiday 2012

Our Wedding



Vanessa's wedding

Xmas 2011

wedding party

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Our families both grew on the 8th August 2009 when Linda and I wed at Bletchley Park.

As you can see from the header picture we had a medieval themed wedding, including a pig roast.

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