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Copper Broadband (SOGEA)

SOGEA 80/20

80 Mbps Downstream
20 Mbps Upstream
£32 Per Month

What is SOGEA?

SOGEA Broadband connectivity uses Copper cabling between the street cabinet and your premises.

SOGEA provides connectivity using VDSL, at speeds of up to 80Mbps.

Our Copper Service

You’ll receive a premium business Broadband service with a variety of SLAs (Service Level Agreements) tailored to suit your business.

  • Premium business Broadband
  • 14-day lead time
  • Static IPv4 or NAT
  • 24/7 UK-based support desk
  • Connection & Router included with a 24-month term.

Our Copper Broadband products offer business-grade connectivity to the internet, carrying your data at speeds of up to 330Mbps.

Copper Broadband is the perfect solution for small businesses that are not yet covered by the fibre rollout.

Not sure what the right solution is for your business?